Scientific Board

The scientific board supervises the scientific quality of proposed projects and helps the search for new projects. It consists of persons who have an important position in archaeological management and museology. They are all active at an international level.

Margaret Gowen
Margaret Gowen is a former owner-manager of a large archaeological heritage management consultancy company that was located in Dublin, Ireland until 2012. She has been Chair of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland and President of ICOMOS Ireland, a member of the council and directorate of the Discovery Programme in Ireland and is a long-standing member and former Vice President of the European Association of Archaeologists. Now semi-retired, she is still working in a variety of areas in CRM as an independent consultant and researcher. She has a particular interest in World Heritage management, the development of archaeological heritage management standards and practice, and is especially focused on the critical and central role of enquiry-based, scientific research and research knowledge in all archaeological work and CRM having regard to the integrity of different scientific, professional and research traditions globally.

Marc-Antoine Kaeser
Director of the Laténium (Neuchâtel) and Associate Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Neuchâtel, Marc-Antoine Kaeser has a doctorate in Prehistoric Archaeology and in Science History (University of Neuchâtel / EHESS, Centre Koyré, Paris). His research themes are epistemology, theory of prehistory, history of archaeology and natural sciences, history of collections and pile-dwelling archaeology. He is a foreign member of the “Conseil national français de la recherché archéologique” and author of more than a hundred scientific publications. He also taught Prehistory and History of Science in Fribourg, Zurich, Rome and Paris.

Mirko Novak
Professor for Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Bern since 2011, Mirko Novak obtained his doctorate at the Free University of Berlin. He obtained his post-doctoral qualification at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, where he also was research assistant. After having taught at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, he became director of the Department for Cultural Studies and Archaeology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. During his university career, he has directed many excavations in Syria. His main areas of research are Archaeology of Mesopotamia and the Levant, Social economy of the Ancient Orient, Architecture analyses as well as Ideology and Programming of the Archaeological findings. He is currently directing two research projects; the first one in Gonur Depe (Turkmenistan) and the second in Sirkeli Höyük in Cilicia (Turkey). He is president of the Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für orientalische Altertumswissenschaft (SGOA) since 2012. In this context, he has contributed to the foundation of Shirín in 2014. This neutral organisation offers expertise for the protection of archaeological heritage in Syria and Iraq.

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