NewsCantonal recognition of the Fully Museum's hydro-electric collection

Who we are

ArchaeoConcept is an independent company composed of specialists. Our multidisciplinary team is characterized by its flexibility, reactivity, dynamism and innovative ideas.

What we want

ArchaeoConcept aims to develop projects with a participative and integrated approach, based on networking and collaboration between institutions and civil society. We aim to make knowledge about the past accessible and to develop ethical and sustainable heritage practices.

What we do

The ArchaeoConcept team contributes to the development of cultural heritage management by providing advice, setting up and carrying out integrated projects in Switzerland and abroad. Its areas of expertise are research, education, mediation, museology and tourism. Affiliated to various international networks, it regularly provides expertise for properties inscribed or to be inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List. We respond to the challenges faced by archaeologists and heritage managers by offering alternatives and complements to existing structures, while actively collaborating with them. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of how heritage policies work, we are able to carry out projects that respond to the needs identified in specific socio-cultural contexts.

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