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25th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in Bern (Switzerland)


In September 2019, at the annual conference of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in Bern, Ellinor Dunning co-organised a session with Amala Marx and Kai Salas Rossenbach from INRAP. This session entitled "Is archaeology a citizen science? The role of archaeologists and archaeological institutions within our society in question" proposed to explore the ways in which archaeologists produce knowledge and discourses about the past and how to make them more inclusive and accessible, the roles of mediation in archaeology and those of citizen participation. In this context, Ellinor Dunning and Camille Aeschimann presented the Archaeological Salons and some preliminary results. The presentation was entitled "Archaeology at home - an initiative to question archaeology from a citizen's perspective".

Cynthia Dunning Thierstein participated in session "The role of ICAHM in supporing ICOMOS and UNESCO in the context of World Heritage Sites" with a lecture entitled "What is this Site all about? The Role of Experts in the Context of Archaeological World Heritage Sites" , highlighting the challenges faced by experts when assessing sites destined to become UNESCO World Heritage.

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