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Conference of the Cercle vaudois d’archéologiDe la fouille à la restitution : itinéraire d’une publication archéologique.


In January 2020, Cynthia Dunning Thierstein and Anne Schopfer presented the results of the archaeological research of the First Iron Age site of Onnens-Le Motti to the Cercle vaudois d'archéologie at the Palais de Rumine in Lausanne. By describing the itinerary of the publication, the authors revealed to the public the history of this Early iron Age village in northern Vaud. These results are published in the Cahier d’archéologie romande no. 169: Anne SCHOPFER, Claudia NITU, Cynthia DUNNING THIERSTEIN, Marie PONCET SCHMID, Anne-Marie RYCHNER FARAGGI, Caroline BRUNETTI, Patricia CHIQUET, Aurélie CRAUSAZ : Les occupations de l’âge du Fer. Onnens-Le Motti. La colline d’Onnens 3.

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