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ArchaeoConcept organises a session on access to all on archaeological sites at the next EAA conference in Kiel (Germany)UNIVERSAL DESIGN OR HOW TO GUARANTEE ACCESS TO ALL ON ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES AND PARKS

Archaeological sites and parks open to the public should be accessible to all. This may seem to be a common-place statement. Yet many archaeological sites, through various difficulties of accessibility, are excluding to people with different disabilities, physical or cognitive. Therefore, the initiators of this session would like to start a discussion to address the following points, emphasizing that clever solutions are necessary for a few, good for many and a bonus for all: - What has been done up to now on archaeological sites and parks in different European countries to accommodate and allow access to persons with different disabilities? - Who are the partners which can put into place initiatives for a general accessibility and how do they work together? And on which scale (national – regional – local)? - How do we develop understanding of the perceptions and needs of people with a disability who would like to visit archaeological sites open to the public? - Have any guidelines been put into place for the implementation of measures on site? And how have these been used by site managers? - How can these measures and guidelines be integrated in national and international (EU, UNESCO) standards?

The session will be divided into two blocks. The first part will consider theoretical and socio-political questions regarding implementation, while the second will showcase examples of good practice.

Are you interested to participate with a presentation? Send me an e-mail before th 20th ofJanuary 2021: cynthia.dunning@archaeoconcept!