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"Archéologie et territoire" | "Archäologie und Raum"Conference Netzwerk Archäologie Schweiz

The link between archaeology and issues such as spatial planning, building culture and sustainable development is a major concern for many professionals. The conference offers them, and anyone else interested, the opportunity to discover and discuss new approaches and projects from all over Switzerland, thanks to numerous presentations and round-table discussions. You can download the programme and registration details from the flyer below. Registration is open from now until 1 June. ArchaeoConcept helped to organise this conference. Cynthia Dunning Thierstein will give an introduction to the round table based on a survey organised by ArchaeoConcept.
The NAS / AS conference will take place in Geneva from 13 to 15 June 2024.


  • Switzerland
  • Archaeology
  • Built Heritage
  • Management
  • Colloquium
  • Lecture
  • Programme
  • Development of know-how
  • Enhancement
  • Multilingual
  • Organisation
  • Networking