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Virtual ACHS Conference


Ellinor Dunning and Camille Aeschimann presented a lecture at the 5th Biennial of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, which took place from 26 to 30 August, in an entirely virtual way!

The session in which they participated engaged a reflection on the "pseudo-public" character of heritage spaces. Slogans such as "archaeology for all" reinforce the idea of heritage as a "common good", while the inclusion of all citizens in these spaces remains a major challenge.

Based both on the research of the Salons Archéologiques and on a fieldwork carried out on the "Parkhaus-Opera" project in Zurich, their conference "From conceptions to transgressions: reflections on the production of heritage spaces" highlighted the tensions between different heritage spaces: that of the conceptors, that of the users, and that of imagination and memories.

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