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First International Early Watercraft Congress, Vila do Conde (Portugal)


After the unexpected death of Miran Erič, ArchaeoConcept spontaneously agreed to help organise the first international congress on early watercraft in Vila do Conde (Portugal). This congress will take place from 26 to 29 October 2023 and will offer an unprecedented programme on early watercraft through time. Take a look at the attached programme and join us in Vila do Conde in northern Portugal.

The Early Watercraft (EW) initiative was founded in 2015 in Vrhnika, Slovenia. After fire and tools
boats are among the oldest and most important human inventions. However, we can only determine the age of wooden boats (8200 BC) through archaeological research (AMS dating, dendrochronology). But there are other boats that cannot be studied solely by archaeological research because their components are imperishable. Other techniques (anthropology, ethnology,
experimentation) can be used to uncover their secrets. Another important point is that the primitive boat is the only human invention that still exists in modern times. Water has had a direct and indirect influence on many other inventions of recent humanity, such as migration, mobility, tools, sails, navigation, astronomy, the compass and many others.

Basically, we're talking about log boats, bundle boats, skin boats, bark boats, rafts in all regions of the world, namely South America and Central and North America, Asia in the Middle and Far East, Australia, and of course Europe.

Come and join us!

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